20+ Best ISLAMIC QUOTES / SAYINGS images in 2020

Don’t change yourself for people change yourself for Allah.(Islamic quotes)
It’s not the eyes, that are blind, but the hearts.(Islamic quotes)
Age wrinkle the body, but disobeying Allah wrinkles the souls.(Islamic quotes)
When you have taken a decision, then put your trust in Allah.(Islamic quotes)
How beautiful is that, Allah will eagerly forgive you for the things you can’t even forgive yourself.(Islamic quotes)
A busy life makes prayer harder, but a prayer makes a busy life easier.(Islamic quotes)
Don’t be sad, Allah is with you.(Islamic quotes)
Haya (modesty) doesn’t bring anything except good.Prophet Muhammad.(Islamic quotes)
Yours duas are never rejected but, They are answered in different ways.(Islamic quotes)
The Prophet (PUBH) said, their is an hour on Friday, that if Muslims makes Dua in it, his Dua will definitely be accepted.(Islamic quotes)
Don’t be sad Allah is with you.(Islamic quotes)
Be patient for what was written for you is written by greatest of writer’s.(Islamic quotes)
The prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) said, for him who follows a path for seeking knowledge, Allah ease for him path to paradise(Islamic quotes)
Allah can change most hopeless, situation into the, best moments in your life.(Islamic quotes)

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