Top 5 Pubg Mobile Players

1.Athena Gaming :
He is an iPad player who usually play Solo Vs Squad At High tier.He is 4 finger claw player and belongs to Korea.
He is one of the fastest pubg mobile players.Fan thinks he is the one who introduced gyroscope in real meaning.He has fast reflexes and he also play Solo Vs Squad.He is from Turkey.
Noman Mathur is his real name.He won Pubg Mobile India Tournament in 2019.He is famous for his high IQ Level and pro gaming sense.
4.RRQ D2E:
He is a korean player from RRQ clan and represented it at many exports events.He is famous for his close range combat and gaming skill.He is mobile player and 4 finger claw player.
5.XQF Paraboy:
He is a very fine player of pubg mobile from China.He has showed his gaming skills at global league and he as also MVP of global Pubg Mobile tournament in 2019.

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